Welcome to the Human-to-Human Purpose and Experience Driven Era

Ayelet Baron

Welcome to the human-to-human purpose and experience driven era. This is what the 21st century is all about. You may have been led to believe that it is about "things," "big data" or even, "robots" and those are getting a lot of widespread development and coverage in the world. We have moved from the industrial age, where we had laborers to the knowledge era, where we had experts and today, we are in the human-to-human era where people will matter more and more when it comes to business.

Business is fairly new. It hasn't been around for that long when you really think about it. It is like a child that is still finding its way in the world and has great potential to be a catalyst for the world. It's up to us to tap into the human imagination and visualize a brilliant future, so we can achieve what previously seemed impossible. If you look around, you will see a few trends not many are discussing that will become increasingly critical to business Ayelet will take you on a journey of how to tap into 21st century conscious leaders who create purpose, integrate the team, introduce new ways of working and co-create in communities and with unusual partners.

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Ayelet Baron is a futurist and true global citizen. Her worldview was developed while living and working all over the world. She has been there, done that in the corporate world both as an executive and an entrepreneur. Her background in politics and theatre helped Ayelet navigate these often divergent (yet always political) worlds. Never one to hold back, she shares her wisdom by writing and speaking professionally throughout her journey.

Ayelet has transformed her career in the past few years. Her last role after over a decade at Cisco Systems was as Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for Cisco Canada, where she helped propel Canada from the sixth to the second- largest revenue-generating country for Cisco. Most recently, she was an Innovator in Residence at Roche/Genentech where she introduced new ways of working.

Longing to share her experiences and observations from the trenches (and get off the corporate treadmill) she began writing and speaking about the future of work and life. As a global business futurist, she has shared her purpose of bringing common sense back to business in hundreds of keynotes and articles presented and published across the world. Her book about the future of work, Our Journey to Business Common Sense, is a journey of possibilities for the 21st century leader who can imagine a new path for business as a force of good in the world.

Ayelet is the real deal thought leader. She loves talking about 21st century business and what is possible for business as a force of good, where people are at the heart of business. She predicts that two-way conversations are making a comeback and knowing how to tap into technology will fundamentally transform your business when you understand the importance of trusted relationships. As co-creator of CreatingIs, she envisions creating new markets instead of competing, building connected networks and communities and working in abundance rather than scarcity.

Ayelet was a Cisco Leadership Fellow where she wrote a guide to social media for 25+ NGOs and led ICT in Healthcare initiatives. She helped start a technology center with a group of youth in Kibera, Kenya. She is on the Board of One Heart Worldwide, focused on maternal health, and a big supporter of No Kid Hungry.

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Welcome to the Human-to-Human Purpose and Experience Driven Era