When There's No Line at The Ladies Room

Lisa Fey

Are there rules in the workplace that no one tells you? Sure there are!

The title of this speech comes from Lisa's experience during a break at her first big business meeting, when she discovered that there was no line at the ladies room. Lisa shares stories from a lifetime in male dominated corporate America and simplifies them to rules that she wished someone had shared with her.

The stories will amuse you, the rules will engage you and combined they make you consider options to accelerate your career.

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Speaker. Trainer. Facilitator. Coach. and, amusing to boot Lisa Fey leads organizations, teams and individuals through each step required to unlock their next victory. A five-page resume spanning 30 years at The Coca-Cola Company is a testament to her sales and marketing leadership, detailing her success across multiple functions. She built her cred by growing business, promoting a team culture and coaching people with genuine feedback that empowered them to advance.

Time and again, a focus on communication and continual improvement helped her build bridges between headquarters to the field and back, earning a reputation for "getting stuff done!" In addition, her passions outside the corporate realm enable her to captivate audiences with humor and storytelling. She has commanded multiple TEDx stages, performed improv theater and left her footprints upon every continent on the planet.

At the same time, Lisa is attuned to an inner world. Each Sunday evening she practices a ritual of gratitude, handwriting cards to people who have touched her life. Lisa understands the value of human connection in business dynamics and how to motivate people to attain their potential. She delivers the perspectives of a seasoned executive, the freshness of a comedienne and the authenticity you'd expect from a gal who grew up in a Southern farm community of 800. Confident and resourceful, she unabashedly champions women, while appealing to all audiences.

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When There's No Line at The Ladies Room